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Ack! I wish I knew some of this before we left on our trip. We will just have to go back - soon!

Thanks for the information!


brilliant! we're going to try and do a stop-over in tokyo next time we fly to canada and i'll definitely be printing out your notes. (and bringing an extra suitcase!)


yippeeeeeeeeeeee I'm there in 4 weeks so this is invaluable! thanks!


I was just visiting Tokyo a few months ago! I managed to find Tomato fabric (it was amazing), and wandered around a bit in the Nippori district... I didn't know about Yuzawaya, though!! I'm keeping the info for the next trip, thanks!!!


Great info! I thought id add even though this is an old post. That there is always okadaya in Shinjuku. It is one of my favorite places to shop they have one building with 7 stories of fabric. Then their 2nd building is 7 stories completely filled with Notions.


Lordy - why haven't I discovered you before. Love this and everything else on the blog!
x Nan


Kinkado in Ikebukuro is good too!
excellent remnants
good close outs
lots of stuff, 2 buildings

Seibu East side exit from Ikebukuro Station
down the main street (Green Dori) on the right


map (in Japanese)


This is exactly what I was looking for, searching for where to find a list of fabric stores for my first trip to Tokyo. I even compiled all the flickr photos into one document so I could print out and bring with me - thank you so much!


I'd say that Nippori has the cheapest fabrics, and I'd buy there if at all possible. If you can't find it there, the Yuzawaya in Kamata is the largest (it has more than 10 buildings!) I'd say that Yuzawaya is the best for denim and other solid colors, Maruzen in Shibuya is best for cheap wacky prints, and Okadaya in Shinjuku (behind the Alta) has stuff that I've never seen elsewhere, like plastics and crazy sheer stuff. Always check out the sale stuff outside first. Oh, and that fabric shop next to Fridays has cheap fake furs and so on. Still, you're probably paying a lot more for not going to Nippori.


Oh, and shimo-kitazawa has a massive used kimono and obi shop. Stacks and stacks! 2000 yen for any kimono or obi.


Hi David,
I'm living near Shimo Kitazawa. Can you describe where the kimono shop is? I'm dying to visit it!

Jan Miller

Just to add my bit, I found this information invaluable when I travelled to Tokyo last month. I had been to Nippori before and loved that but was keen to try out the others mentioned. If you are looking for Japanese fabrics, I found Marunan in Shibuya the best this time. Even though it was a tiny place, it had what I wanted and very cheap...a good selection of indigo designs. Yuzawaya in Kamata was dissapointing for Japanese fabrics and minimum cuts of 50cm with long waits. Yuzawaya in Kichijoji had more selection and there was the advantage of the beautiful park nearby which was almost in cherry blossom beauty.

I did make the trip to Meguro to the Lucky Star shop. It was about a 15 minute a walk from the station and an interesting neighbourhood with a lovely river walk. The shop was small but had 100 yen fat eighths nicely packaged for souvenirs for my quilting friends. There is a parasite museum nearby which I decided against!

Also out of Tokyo I visited Sawara near Narita, an old Samurai village and much to my surprise there was shop in the main street with many rolls of Japanese fabric I had never seen before all at around 500 yen a metre.

But I also think I would go back to Nippori if that was the only place I could visit as there were so many shops there (including Tomatao fabric) and many had fat quarters and fat eighths. It was easier than cutting through the dross of finding the right place on the right floor or building of the bigger dept stores. Plus some interesting walks around Yanaka (hubbies could do that while they waited lol)

When you have limited time in places and impatient family members, sites like this are so useful for pre-planning. Thanks! ...and remember I am talking about Japanese fabric hunting....

Karen W.

I was just in Tokyo and they've published an English language map/guide to the shops in Nippori. I don't have a website but, if you are interested, I could scan it and send it you to post, if you think people would be interested. Thanks. Let me know.

sil - san francisco

praise, a question and an offer !

your blog is incredible - i'm in awe , it's so much fun to read, i go to it whenever i need to just have pure pleasure (as after a double nappy/diaper change!)

offer first

i saw you're coming to sf - if you don't already know them (i'm guessing you do..) shoot me a mail and i'll tell you some cool fabric stores like.. stone mountain and daughters..

question - i'm going back to tokyo next month for the first time in about 15 years. used to live/work there. now going back with husband and kids and a love of fabric. we're only there a few days but hubby has promised me 1/2 a day to roam on my own.

i'd like know the best places for

1/ cute kid prints like those made by echino or kokka.co.jp

2/ japanese blue/white or other japanese fabrics

3/ cheap used kimono/obi/haori etc fabrics (i only remember oriental bazaar...)

if there's one place that has all 3 - great, as i don't have much time on this trip, but if you could rec the absolute best for each that would be great as i'll go back again soon.

also if any recs for kyoto that would be brilliant.

and.. sorry for being demanding.. but any recs for TOY stores that sell japanese or otherwise interesting toys? have a 2 yo boy and 9 mth girl. bought my son a small wind up/clockwork car in japantown here the other day and he loves it.

ahh i'm so excited to go back to japan


Just went to the fabric store across from 109 building. Loved it! Thanks.


Could you please send the map to me?



Me too?

Lis Harwood

Thank you for this, Ros Atwood sent me the link and it is just what I need. I'm visiting Tokyo next spring and really NEED to buy some fabric :) I've just started doing some sashiko and am already addicted!


I am interested in that paper could you pass on the info. thanks so much


Sil in San Francisco, I hope your trip to Japan was wonderful. I am in the same boat you were in - My husband and I and our four year old are heading out to Tokyo and Kyoto.
I have the same questions you had.
First, where can I find Kokka fabric? Is it easy to find? Does TOMATO have a Kokka/echino selection?
Thanks for you time.
Fathia from Portland


this is so cool - thank you!!!

Doan Tomoe

Hi David,

On August 06,2008, you wrote:

"Oh, and shimo-kitazawa has a massive used kimono and obi shop. Stacks and stacks! 2000 yen for any kimono or obi."

I'll be in Tokyo in a few weeks...I would like to know where is exactly this shop of used kimono at Shimo-Kitazawa. I'm delighted to visit it!!

My email:kim.doanthi@scarlet.be

Anne VO

Thank you so much for the Nippori map!
I am travelling to Tokyo in April 2010 looking for japanese fabrics but also for Chinese
Is there a kind of "China town" in Tokyo where I could find chinese fabrics shops (natural fiber not polyester etc) or, in any district, shops that sell chinese fabrics?

Could anyone advise me of nice design shops (trendy, hip or eccentric) for children selling toys, furnitures, decoration accessories in Tokyo?

Lyn Bartold

Thanks for all of the good tips - what a great site!
I will be in Tokyo in 2 weeks and would like to visit many of the shops mentioned. I am interested in the going to Sawara for used kimono and obi which was mentioned as being near Narita. I will be staying in Narita overnight after a late arrival so could check out this shop. Does anyone have directions?


Anyone been to Kinkado in Ikebukuro lately? It was great for fabrics when I lived there, 16 years ago. Am back next week so hoping to stock up. I did well at Okadaya in Shinjuku (behind Studio Alta) last year, but didn't get as far as Ikebukuro...

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