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Furniture Stores

OMG... What a fantastic journey. Would love to go!


Oh i just saw your message and you have probably been and gone to Japan already. But I thought I'd answer anyway. Yes Tomato has tons of kokka echino - some in the 100Y bargains on the ground floor. It's cash only (i forgot..). Take a large empty bag (pref with wheels) and pack nothing for your trip (: I'd have flown in my PJs to save space for the fabric if I could have. Bought tons of cute prints. Main tomato store - 4th or 5th Floor has kids stuff if I remember correctly. Didn't make it to the other stores, one of which (starts with M or K) has apparently tons of Kokka Echino and NANI IRO. (Hadn't discovered NI yet when went to TOkyo but happened to buy some anyway and later discovered it was v expensive in the US but only about $7 a meter there.

I relive my morning or fabric hunting whenever I have a hard day, and a smile comes to my lips.

Anyone from Boston here? Moved to Boston and haven't found any fabric stores yet, esp Japanese fabric stores..

Happy hunting.



i'm off on holiday to France with a TOO SHORT stopover in tokyo and can't wait to go fabric shopping now that i'm armed with all this essential info! I'll be with my husband and 5yr old daughter, so time will be tight when it comes to fabric. You have made my trip so easy now! thank you!!!


Hi, I'm visiting Tokyo at the end of the month..looking for fabrics and trinkets..do you still have a map you could email me??!!

Thanks so much

Victoria Crayne

Could you give more info where this is located? and is Shimo-kitazawa the name of the shop?

Victoria Crayne

You're the only place that talks about an english map does anyone have willing to email or share?

Carol Pasfield

Am in same boat as you! Also lived in Japan but more like 25 years ago now...luckily though I have been back lots since and infact will be there in 2 days time :} Love these blogs for up to date info on fabric shopping.

Reason I am writing is that I will be in SF for 2 nights in December and have a husband who will happily let me spend a couple of hour in a fabric shop...can you please give me your best ideas for easy to get to from Union Square shops?

I am in Australia, if anyone needs info on shopping in Canberra, Sydney or Melbourne



Hi Carol,
Silvia sent me this information about fabric shopping in SF right before I went there last year. Britex is probably the easiest - it's right at Union Square and has a good range of things.
Enjoy your trip!

Off the top of my head .. in SF itself there is Britex
fabrics, which has about 5 floors of fabric, notions and quirky stuff
like antique lace collars and so on. . It's probably the most expensive,
but also the best place ( IMHO) for special stuff like designer silks,
upholstery fabric, lace, swiss cottons and so on. Good remnants dept
(not cheap) It's right in the middle of SF.  It doesn't have the best
selection of kid stuff like cotton fleece for blankets, or cotton prints
but it is def worth a visit. (my husband calls it 'fabric porn..' cos i
get a glazed look when I walk in there..)



St has a great, cheap fabric store right next to second hand store
called Thrift Town (forgot to ask you - do second hand kids clothing
stores exist in japan?). I don't remember the name of the fabric store..
but below is the location of Thrift town. BTW - that's where I find the
best kids clothing bargains.. $1-2 for onesies or shirts, some still
with new tags on. Toys upstairs. BTW if you're into thrift stores, the
other good one for kids clothes is Goodwill at Mission and Van Ness.



Stone Mountain and daughter. 

My favorite store for cute quirky prints, rivers of
cottons (including a HUGE 50% off section) not great for ribbons, but
some cute unusual ones. Felt, plastics, stretchy cotton, GOOD
organics/bamboo. And a great upstairs bargain floor- whole rolls 50%
off, often silks for $7, cashmere for $20 a yard (only saw that once..)



It's in Berkeley, but there's a BART (subway) a few
blocks away - toddler walking distance as there's a Jamba Juice bar on
the way..Absolute must visit (they also have echino/kokka etc, about
$16-18 a yard I think. Not sure how this compares to Japan)


PS before I forget.. you might see Poppy fabrics talked about on blogs - sadly it's closed. 

discovered this one - it's in Oakland and when my daughter was in the
hospital around the corner (better now) I went out one day for a quick
walk and was so happy to roam around it. Also lots of cute prints, tons
of kid stuff. It's not a big store, but very good selection. Prob best
to drive here, as it's not super close to public transport. 



San Pablo and Gillman is 'Discount Fabrics' Very friendly, huge
selection of upholstery and outdoor fabrics, cottons and linens, silks
for a few $. (some rolls of tie silks too) Disorganized and you
basically fend for yourself, but . Have found labels like Versace, or
Crate and Barrel (a furniture/sofa store) in the bargain pile. Best to
drive here. A bit disorganized - might be hard with a non sleeping
2-year-old. There are several Discount Fabrics in SF too



Love the 'where to go' information. Just an update (October 2010):- Yuzawaya has opened a floor in Takashimaya, Shinjuku whilst in Kitchijoji the old 7 floor Yuzawaya shop is now reduced to 2 floors and is relocated in the Marui Department store.


Hi Fareeda,
Thanks so much for the update, that is really good to know!

Laura W.

I'd love to get this too, if it's still available. Thanks!

Laura W.

Do share the details!



Thank you!! We are going to Tokyo next week...this is PERFECT!



I will be going there for 3 days trip only, and hoping I can stop by to shop some fabric.
is it more reasonable if I took cab to the market? and what time does they open and what time does they close?

thank youu


Please, do Tomato and Kimono shop in Nippori open on Sunday?? I want to go tomorrow there.

Helena Antle

Ohhh! I wish I saw this before we had our vacation in Tokyo last winter. I missed to buy that vintage kimono and flea in Togo shrine. Too bad.. But, I will be there again next winter. heheh.


Hey guys! I produce a kimono inspired ladies robe and am looking to start whole asking them. But I need to purchase some vintage inspired Japanese fabrics ... Can anyone help me? I've even thought of smashing my piggy bank and making a trip over seas .... Where would be the best place to get large amounts of fabric ?


Hi!! This is very helpful. I am looking specifically for satin ribbon which stores on the list would be best for that? I have been to Yuzaway but I find their prices too high.

Thank you!

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