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Wow, your first finished knitted item looks great. You must have had a LOT of practice on non-pattern items! Can't wait to see what's coming next. :)

And congratulations on the baby!!


Glad to her you worked out how to sort out the stiff arms. Can't wait to see baby in the jumper, it is ultra cute!


I was wondering how long it would be before the baby news appeared on here! Hope everything is going well. The jumper is great. I've conquered my fear of knitting patterns too and managed to knit a whole cardigan last summer and another this winter with cables and everything. Although I have since discovered I prefer knitting things to wearing them and they are both in the wardrobe!! Helen xxx


Congratulations, and happy knitting!


Congratulations! how exciting!


Ok. I totally saw this post a couple of days ago but somehow missed the part about you having a baby!!! Congrats Suzy!!


WOW I am slow... Congrats to you both how wonderful and exciting!

dani (pyglet)

WOW! Me too!
I missed the baby bit and I was so excited having read the following post that I went searching through your archives to find when you announced...and missed it again!

Congratulations many times over!!
(September babies are just wonderful!)


i missed it too and am so happy for you guys! so exciting!


congrats on the baby! how very exciting!


Huh, when did you talk about ahving a baby in the past??? I totally missed that.
I was curious which direction this blog would take now that you aren't here anymore... it's obvious now... ;-)


Suzy!! I've just caught up on your blog today,
I'm so happy to hear the wonderful news!!!
How exciting, congratulations to you both :)

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