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Suzy that looks GREAT!! You could totally sell those. I really don't know why Maclaren even make GREY strollers. I just think it is such a depressing colour for babies. I love the black, red and white colour combo - very stylish and gender neutral. It reminds me of the new Kate Spade Maclaren Ryder - Biarritz. I'm really trying to work on my stroller addiction...I just purchased an Orange polka dot peg perego!! It's a big garish but at least no-one will run us over on the road!! Ha! BTW, Jake has his first modelling job yesterday. Ali would have made a killing here!!!


I NEED one of these so bad! I've been meaning to clean my pushchair but just never seem to have the time to do it. One of these would just cover up all the stains. I'm making one tonight!


This is great! Grey really shows up cruskit and rusk spots and everything else that the wee ones want to dabble with. The colours are so happy and smart. There certainly is a market out there for these covers.


What a great idea! I have the same problem with my pram although it is black. Boring black- that shows every tiny little mark, smudge, smear and dribble.
I think your cushion looks fab! I'm off to make one too!


Looks great and if you make another you can do a bit of a swap over when one gets grubby and needs a wash. I'm sure you'll get many lovely comments.


Wow, what a great idea! We have a little foldup stroller that my father found on the street (he is always doing this) and it is very useful, but not at all presentable,and I always feel that people are giving Thomas pitying stares when we use it! This would be a great solution. I love the fabric you've chosen.


Hey this looks great! I've been wanting to make one seeing as the liners I have don't fit well in my pram. And we just bought the Maclaren Vogue last week, it's such a good stroller and I wish we bought one to start with.


I had a Maclaren Vogue too for Annette! We loved it, easy to get on the bus and everything. Too bad we don't use it anymore, or I would be copying this idea :)


This is such a fantastic idea! It would be great for when the little ones mash their food into the stroller or end up sitting on a sandwich or a banana or somesuch. Just whip off the cover and into the wash. You could even have a coordinating theme going.


2 kids and 20,000 stroller miles and I still haven't made the cushion insert I planned...oh 6 years ago. Well done on getting it done! It looks way nicer now :-)


What is it with grey? It's a bit depressing -That looks gorgeous I want one


Thats so funny that you said that. I was talking to my brother and we thought there needed a business called "Pimp my pram"

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