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Anna Y

Great that you have had such a great week. Yum Cha with little people is definately FUN! Love your Gocco cards and can't wait to see your new stroller liner (Hmmm must finish mine....) and will pop things off in the post for you this week. Sorry for the delay but it took me for EVER to get to the little sewn somethings for both of you. :D


I'm a big fan of yum cha too and it makes my heart sing to see Henry dive into the prawn dumplings!

Can't wait for the tutorial!


Nice to meet you too!!


Those cards look great! Also, you should have a listen to David Sedaris (alias 'Crumpet' the elf) reading his first ever story on American radio in 1992. Free download here - http://www.thislife.org/Radio_Episode.aspx?episode=47


LOVELY to meet you as well!~
you were EXACTLY how I thought you would be ;)
Justine xx


Poor Collete, at least your week was enjoyable for the most part. I also went to the Stitches and Craft show, how cute were the bunnies!


Thanks for stopping by our blog! Glad you like my cards, and I can't wait to get yours!! Aren't these little Gocco machines something? ;)

We here in the U.S. hear that we're probably not going to get any new supplies from 09' on, do you hear the same in Australia?

And I looooove that stroller liner! No kids yet, but many nieces and nephews :) Should probably dust my machine some day and give it a shot :)

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