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I think I need to discuss the manual button hole thing with you! I had no idea I could use this, I thought I was limited to my automatic button hole.

Great tutorial!


Hurrah! I could kiss you right now! I have just purchased a new stroller and am determined to keep it clean a challenge with a not so sugary and spicey young man in the saddle! I have been admiring your funky design for some time!

Question though (it is 4.ooam so forgive me) how do you get it on/off?


Yippee!! Thank you! I'm keen to get started!


Great liner. I make liners for Mac too. I offer custom made liners on my webpage www.simply-bloom.com .. you can check out my gallery for photo of my Mac with different fabrics.


Great liner. I make liners for Mac too. I offer custom made liners on my webpage www.simply-bloom.com .. you can check out my gallery for photo of my Mac with different fabrics.


OMG Suzy, this is genius thanks so much for sharing, I'm definitely going to give it a go.
The fabric you used looks familiar! So glad it went to good use :)


In the search for a pattern, I came across your blog - thanks for your great tutorial! I made one in a few hours (with very little sewing experience) for our Phil & Ted with some Ikea fabric from my cupboard.


I'm looking forward to reading your blog some more!


I just made one. It was the first thing i have EVER sewn!! I am so proud...thank u so much for your help!!

maclaren techno classic stroller

Great liner, my wive loves it. We've recently acquired a maclaren techno classic stroller and the liner was the final touch for it.

thanks for sharing.


Thank you soo much for this tutorial. Also for me it was the first thing i have ever sewn (I had a little help from my mother-in-law with the bias tape). I used a fabric by Jane Sassaman - the same pattern in different colours for front and back - so it's a reversible one!
It just looks great!

Greetings from Vienna (Austria)

instep jogging stroller

Great tutorial, a must for every stroller!

Anne Marie

This is just perfect! Thank you for sharing! :-)


i LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! I'm going to try this and I"ll send you a pic when I"m done.

Baby Stroller Reviews

This is a super cute idea! My readers will love this.


by any chance do you make custom stroller liners?
i really like the shape and size of this one for a maclaren.
but i am not great at sewing...


thanx so much for this super amazing bits. i dont know how to sew but i will definetely learn how to do this. love you! can even make a biz out of it as malaysia dont have this! muahs again!


Thanks so much for sharing! I just linked to this tutorial on my blog. I don't have a sewing machine with me just now, but I will definitely be making this when I do.



Thank you so very much for the wonderful tutorial! You saved the day for me. Can't wait to make my stroller cover!


Brill thanks for the inspiration, I've just made two liners and they look ace on my new pram. Just waiting for baby to make an appearance now! Cheers!


I want to make a liner for s friend. I have not got a pushchair, so don't know where to put the strap holes. Can you give me an idea of the measurements. I have the liner ready, but stuck on the width & how far apart to put the strap space. Thank you. It is brilliant being able to see how to make one.Sandy


Just wanted to say thank you for the pattern for the pram cover. It is the first item I have ever sewn and made it for my new grandson. It looks great and I had so much fun choosing the fabric from spotlight. I used a pure wool felt for the filling but washed it first to allow for shrinkage.
Now I am looking for a pattern for a shopping trolley cover. Can anyone help please?


Thanks for the tutorial. I made a liner for my sister's Bugaboo pram and it worked out well (which for me means not as much unpicking as usual).

Anja Culph

Have made 3 now getting the hang of making them. So great. I am a first time grandma and have the pusher now with colourful liners.
thanks for the idea


thankyou so much for this tutorial, i've now made 4 liners, and moved on to tie on shaped blankets and today i even made my own design cosytoe. and i know i would never have even started if i hadn't stumbled across your tutorial


I'm in the middle of making my first one :) going great except my ]machine decided one uttonhole was enough, so I can get the crotch strap through but the shoulder straps aren't allowed it seems :S

Taking a break then will try again later...

Apart from my 30year old sewing machine's hissy fit, it's been really easy to follow this tutorial, and I'm making my liner for a steelcraft pram. Thanks for posting up your instructions

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