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Sounds like fun. I want one too. The only problem is that I want a Hubba Bubba one like I had as a kid. They smelled delicious!


The girls got some for Christmas - might give it a try in the hope of getting my waist back.


Suzy, I am so excited to come and hoop with you! I will be in Syd from Feb 8 until March 28. Please shoot me an email so we can meet up! hooplovers gmail

I will also be doing a workshop or two while I am down there, sharing the hoop love, will give more details soon!


p.s What color did you get??? Watch out it is insanely addictive! ;)


ohhh that is so great...... I am planning to buy some for my girls, thanks for the link to the video.


Oh the hoop love is spreading!!!

You will get addicted Suzy!!!

I can`t wait to see D when she is in Brisbane for some hooping action- it has been over a year since we have hooped together!


Oh my gosh, after checkign out Deanne's post and video- I am hooked. I bought a hoopnautica dvd and a pro hoop this morning. Now I need to wait by the mailbox!


p.s. The pic is sooooooo cute!

i heart japan

yay!!! congratulations on the new hoop!! keep us posted on your progress!!


Ok, now i'm seriously thinking of taking up hula hooping!

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