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This is such a good idea! I can't believe how expensive even the summer sleep sacks are. I was thinking the other day about an idea similar to yours but with very light cotton sleeves too. I always worry about my baby's arms getting cool in the night but it's too warm to wear long sleeves under a sleep sack at the moment.


Brilliant work! I love it when desperation makes you find a quick solution to things- They can be some of the best projects!


great idea! I may have to try this out, my poor guy sweats like crazy


well done! I use an ottobre pattern for mine and I think its fab to make them instead of buying them for $50 a pop...especially when there are 2 babies to buy for!


Anne Marie

What a great idea. This will be perfect for when we goto Spain this summer. Thanks for sharing! :-)Oh, and I´m waiting for a Burda 9640 to arrive in the maibox any day now. Looking forward to try it out since I have never sew any thing "big" before.


Looks great, Suzy! What a clever idea to make it out of an old shirt. Too bad my baby is now too old for sleep sacks.


Oh hooray! And thanks for posting the tutorial. I have been meaning to make some sleep sacks and now (with my shared zipper fear/anoyance)I can take the easy way out. Lucky for us the nappy no shirt thing is an option, The Smurf's close but not quite un doing the velcro nappy tabs....yet.


That's very clever! No need to sew zips and the front closure is already there. Now I just have to find a shirt of the geezer's that I can destroy. :-)


That's pure genius! Wishing your little one sweet dreams! X


I love it!


Suzy - this is ingenius!!


great for replacing our baby's gogobag in summer..


I made this using a shirt bought from a thrift shop around the corner. I was looking on the web for a solution to my 1.5 year old taking her diaper off in the night (not a pleasant state to find her in). This was perfect because she can't manage to undo buttons yet!
Karen, Ottawa, Canada


Hi, thanks so much for this tutorial, I just made one for my 20 mnth old and he's now fast asleep IN his cot. This is a big deal for us as he figured out how to climb out of his cot a few weeks ago and now sleep time has become a whole new battle.
However with his legs encased in a sleepbag he cant get out.... mmmwwwwwhhhaaaaaaaaa!!! <--- evil laugh
Thanks again!


Hi Emma,
I'm so glad it worked out! I know what you mean about nap time battles, I'm dreading the day my little one works out how to climb out of the cot.


way to think outside the box awesome!!!!!


Thank you so much for this tutorial, great job. I just made one for my son, but long sleeves. Upcycled a short sleeved dress shirt so the sleeves were the perfect length for his little 7 month old arms. He looks so cute sleeping in a man's shirt! Thanks again, I would have never thought of this.


Anyone can make this! If you have an old shirt, needle, thread, and scissors, go for it! Trust me, the most sewing I do is mending random holes . . . I just made this for a friend's baby with one of my hubby's flannels that I shrunk.

I only started it to have something to do while watching a movie. Also,because I only hand sew, I wasn't sure if it would even work out, so I was only half committed to it.

But as I went on, it started looking like the picture and I was sooo happy!

The arm holes on mine aren't that great, I didn't use bias tape, just folded the fabric back and sewed the edge closed. The dark flannel I used is forgiving of my sloppy sewing skills.


So glad it worked out for you! I'm sure the flannel will be super cosy for your friend's baby. Thanks for the comment.

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