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Lovely. I agree - sleeves can be the undoing of a garment in about 17 different ways. Yours look fantastic.


Ooh it's gorgeous! Looks great on you :) I really like this style of dress, but I'm afraid it wouldn't look good on my body type.

Some of my best fabric combinations are the result of fabrics lying around next to each other, so that must be a very good technique! :)


It look fantastic. I am wearing one of my 3835s at the moment. I think I need a new favourite pattern for winter.


Maybe you just need a skinny black belt or something... You look great!!!


Lovely! I've seen this pattern before, do you think it would work with a heavier wool for winter? -kb


You look so cute in the dress, Suzy! If you didn't mention that you sewed it, I would have asked you where you bought it from. It's such a pretty pattern.


Hi. I love your dress, the fabric choice is great. I've just made a dress with pintucks that also has a slightly maternity middle. I'm hoping to find a big belt to suck it all in a bit.


Wooohooo! Good on you. It's a great buzz when you have a project turn out so well.


ease-stitching?? what's ease-stitching? it seems like something i should know about as i embark on attempts to make myself a winter wardrobe.... did a google search but now i'm REALLY confused!


you look gorgeous!


I love this! Great job. :)


I LOVE this dress! I think you were wearing it at the last craft room??

Simple but very stylish.

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