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love it!


Wow! This looks fantastic! Would not have guessed that in its previous life it was a pillow case.


hey this would look great with leggings and some hot red ballet flats! you have such imagination in putting things together
*must get tutorial*


I think you would only know it was a pillow slip if you had the same in your linen cupboard. O! to have the figure to wear something gorgeous like this. Cherrie


this dress is great! I make a lot of stuff from old pillowcases, but I'd never thought of this, must try it sometime!


It is a beautiful shift dress. The pillowcase was definitely a winner. And, no, you won't look like you're wearing one.

Unlike the little girl at the supermarket I saw wearing a pillowcase with holes hacked in it for head and arms. Very funny and cute.

You, on the other hand, will look *stylish*!


This is the most amazing dress! I'm so impressed with what you can do with a pillow slip!


This is adorable! I would never have guessed it was a pillow case, super super cute! -kb


I love this post. It made me laugh and more strength to you if you can pull off wearing a pillowcase (although it looks incredibly chic in its current reincarnation!).


Brilliant - I love this one!

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