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I think it's fantastic and can see why Ali is pleased with the end result. Wow, he'd be so proud. x

Amy (badskirt)

I absolutely love it! It's really cute. I'd like to make one little safety suggestion, though maybe you've already done this.

You might want to change the button to a decorative feature and put in velcro around the neck. I once read a very sad news story about a cape caught up in a slide. It didn't break away from the little bub when it got caught up and the story has a very sad ending.

This isn't a criticism at all because I think it's pretty rockstar cape. I want one myself!


Hi Amy,
That is a really good point - the cape actually fastens with velcro and the yellow button on top is just for decoration. It would be easy for a cape to get caught in a slippery dip etc. so it's important that they come off easily if yanked.
Suzy x

Cass Ward

Suzy it looks great, well done


Hi Suzy,so glad Mr Troll has finally gone and left Super Ali


Oh, how cool! I have super hero capes on my sewing list for Christmas, you can give me some inside tips!


Fantastic work! Especially the clever thinking on the closure. I have been thinking of starting C a dress-up box. Must add a cape to the mental list of things to include!

Karen Topor

I think it's a great looking cape. However, for a small child this is a strangling hazard, especially while on playground equipment. This is the reason why strings have been removed from little one's hoodies. Please stop using these capes and modify them to clip on the child's shoulders somehow rather than buttoning around their neck!


Dear Karen,
If you read the instructions for making the cape, you will see that the neck of the cape is secured with a small piece of velcro, which easily separates under pressure. I specifically designed the cape this way so that it is not a strangling hazard. The button is just decorative, and stitched on top.

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