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urban craft

wonderful! Can't wait to make one!


Yipee! Glad you found some time to write this up!!

Gwyn Aubrey

Oh FANTASTIC! I teach a class called "Superhero Training" (dance for boys without using the "D" word) and I have become an expert in bad cape design. Yay velcro! Boo nylon ties that strangle those leaping tall buildings!


Hi Suzy,

I have now made 5 of these for a bunch of 2/3 year olds... pattern is very easy to follow and EXTREMELY well received - but I found the neckline difficult. I always stay away from having to iron in curved edges, as I never seem to get them even. Instead of your neck, I made the twice same length of bias binding using a 1" binding maker, and then cut two pieces from it. I gathered as per your pattern, then sewed the cape on to one piece of binding, a bit back from the fold so the intial seam doesn't show on the outside (also use the same coloured thread as the cape body for this). I then opened up the bias binding at each short end, sewed two pieces of binding together at the short ends, then opened out to the right way and topstitched the whole thing to finish off.

I personally found this quicker and the end result was neater for me as the binding maker took care of the standard width.


Bethany Smith

I made these for Christmas presents this year. I improvised a bit on the instructions, but they turned out great. Thanks for your inspiration!

Erin Locke

Thank you for a easy pattern and excellent instructions! I now have one very happy little superhero!

Julie Virkus

How do I get this pattern? I would love to make some for the super heros in my life.


Hi Julie,
You click on the bold "here" in the blog post and it will download to your computer - wherever files usually download too, maybe the Download folder or Desktop? It is called superhero.pdf if you would like to do a search. Enjoy!
All the best,


Thank you sch for this pattern and instructions! I have been hunting everywhere for something like this. I want to make my sons capes for Christmas presents this year. I can't wait to get started on this! Thanks again.


looks great, I can't wait to make one for my daughter (or to put my mom who sews on it if it ends up being too difficult). do you have any advice on the best kind of fabric to use? thanks!

Crystal Villarreal

I have a question you mentioned cutting out felt shapes and gluing them on. What kind of glue would I use? Fabric?


Thank you so much for sharing this pattern!!! I made a quilt for my turbo charged grand nephew with a lightening bolt pattern design and wanted to copy the same bolt onto a cape. He will be thrilled and I am indebted to you!!!


I have to tell you how much I love this pattern. The collar is so much nicer than any other cape pattern I've found online. Your collar makes for a good full cape that fits shoulders perfectly and doesn't bother the neck. I've looked at many and this is the only one I'd be willing to buy. You are so generous to share this. I've made four so far and about to start a fifth. My kids (4, 6 and 8) wear them all the time. Thank you!!!!


Hi Stephanie,
Thanks very much for the comment! I'm so glad to hear the pattern has worked out for you, I really enjoy hearing from people who have made it.

All the best,

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