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What a lovely post Suzy! We have been back in Australia coming up to 4 years but I still miss London like crazy.


I never knew what they were called but I used to love eating those little triangles of goodness when we were in Japan on a Holiday in January. I realised on day one that the blue wrappers were tuna and stuck to that - I have been dreaming of making my own. I will have to look out for those moulds.


AAAAAAWWWWWW thanks for this tasty post Suzy !! Enormous smooches from Belgium ! and... Itadakimasu !!



They look yummy Suzy. "sake" is my favourite too but Shun likes tarako and umeboshi! Can`t wait to start making mini ones for Noah! Did Ali try?

I have some kit kats bought for you- will be looking for a couple other flavours and then send them over your way. Mail me if there is anything else you want me to look out for (unfortunately onigiri would not travel well!)


I must have met you before. We lived near Ebisu station 3 years ago (and I know the store you're talking about)! Maybe I met you through Kat and Darin??

Anyway, I love this post, as I've been making onigiri lately too (I also cheated and bought the triangular moulds!) I prefer to mix shiso and sesame seeds into the rice before I make the onigiri, and also make some with umeboshi or tuna and mayo. YUM!


Oh, and I love "Cooking with Dog"!!


You were lucky to find a flavour you liked straight away! I like the tuna ones too, I think I'll make them next time.


Oooh, I don't like tarako... that was one of the ones I would dread getting in Onigiri Roulette! Ali was a bit suspicious of the nori but he liked the rice. I think I will make him mini ones next time, because the big one was too hard for him to hold.

Thanks for tracking down the Kit Kats - it will be fun to try them after such a long time. xx


Hi Jenn,
That is so funny that we lived in the same place at the same time! I loved Ebisu, it's a great spot. I've never actually met Kat, even though I read her blog for years, but she and Darin bought our TV when we left Tokyo.
I really like the idea of putting seeds in the rice, I'll try that next time.
Suzy x


Are the red bean mochi really that good? I have a new found love for mochi, but a deep set hatred of red bean paste from my time in china. Too many times it was surprise paste - you thought it would be pork buns, but nooooo. And also, mooncakes are gross. So there. Although not as gross as pork floss. In fact, I don't even want to talk about pork floss.

I WILL, however, give red bean Mochi a go next time!


cute !i have those little moulds and sushi ones too from Tokyu Hands! I love them all!

and I'm a huge fan of red bean sweets! Working for a japanese bank meant someone was always coming back from tokyo with a big box to share! the english didn't like them but I'd eat theirs...sooooo good!!!!!!

all looks yummy :) I did vegetable tempura and chicken katsu 2 nights ago and wanted to travel to japan the next day!!!!



I'm lucky because my husband makes onigiri almost every morning, and then leaves two small ones for Saya to have as her snack. She loves them.

Anne Marie

Ohhh lucky you for having lived in Japan. The dog videos are strange (for having a dog in them) but the udon soup recipe she makes is delicious.


I will have to try the udon soup recipe - we are heading into noodle weather here.


You are lucky! That would be the perfect toddler snack.


I remember the omiyage tradition in Japan. We used to always have to bring a box of something back to the office.

Tempura and katsu sounds great, I am a bit scared of deep frying but will have to get over my phobia because I love tempura :)


Hmmm... I think red bean paste is something you either like or don't - it has that strange sweet / bland flavour. But in the mochi sweets you only get a little bit, so I like it. I'm not such a fan of it in buns. And in mooncakes it always seems dry and crumbly. So maybe Japanese bean paste is nicer than Chinese? Please try some and report back!

i heart japan

It's sweet to read your recollections of Japan. Are you planning to come back for a visit sometime? Hope you had a lovely time at the beach!

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