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OMG! Another baby! How exciting! And a little girl will be lovely- I am sure you will have fun knitting up some girly stuff. Heading into winter over there is the perfect time to pull out some knitting too.

Congratulations to you, M and Ali!

Oh and the "baby" you made for Ali is super cute too- what date in October are you due? Have you told Ali yet?

Have fun in London next week :-)


Congratulations! I am also due early October. Love the doll.


Congrats! We are expecting number 3 in late October too. Sounds like there might be a few new bubs in the world about that time. :)


Congrats on the new baby! Hope all goes well :)
Love the doll you made too - very clever!


Congratulations!!!! How exciting!

When I was pregnant with Emmeline, I went to David Jones and bought a huge pile of 'pink' (it was on clearance, would have been irresponsible not to) and the lady looked at the pile, looked at my belly and said, "So, your first was a boy, huh?".

Again, congratulations!


Oh congratulations, so exciting and wonderful to have a boy and a girl! -kb


Thank you!

I'm due right in the middle of October, but I'm hoping this one will be obliging like Ali and turn up at 38 weeks. Ali came with me for the scan today and was very excited. He has been insisting all along that the baby was a sister, so I'm glad we don't have to disillusion him :)


Aw congrats Suzy!!! That's awesome news - can't wait to see the new baby photos!!!!


A gorgeous new baby...so special for all of you.

Safe travels x

Cass Ward

Congratulations that's great news. Have a great trip too


Congrats Suzy, that is wonderful news!! Please keep us posted on EVERYTHING!


Congratulations Suzy! That is wonderful news! Enjoy your girly crafting :)


That's great news, Suzy! Congratulations!


congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! I'm due in october too with a little girl so that's great news. Oh the pink and pretty things you can make! Your family is growing and that is just fabulous news!


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