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I'm so with you on maps!

I recently found (and bought!) an awesome magnetic poster board and the countries are magnetic and piece together into continents like puzzle pieces.

It's kind of similar to yours with the pictures, and it has been eerily accurate when Henry has asked about recent events in the world (ie Iceland has a volcano!).

I bought it for the kids, but, secretly, for me.


Ooh love the scratch off map! We've been getting things sorted for 'Peanut's room and Daniel accused me of the same thing - decorating for me rather than Peanut! Hope you're feeling well - I've got 4 weeks to go and although I feel ok am feeling very tired and heavy! xxx

Robyn F

I am also a map lover and have furnished my son's room with a circa 1950's ex school map - you can find these on ebay - they have a wooden frame - roll-up... They come in 'world', SE Asia, Australia, and most of the states. I can't stop getting me more o them!

A map is very useful to point out 'where does grandma and grandpa live' etc & I am love love loving the idea of the magnetic map!

At my son's daycare there was a large (like 2 x 3 metres) felt wallhanging, which had a map o the world and lots of velcro on animals i.e. Polar Bear lives in Alaska etc... was v cute and I coveted it!

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