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Hey there, the top looks great. I especially like the little cap sleeves, and also I imagine it will be nice and roomy for feeding over summer. You have a very nice bump, I can't believe you are 37 weeks already.

Anne Marie

It looks so simple, sweet and comfortable.

...and I couldn't help noticing you are standing on beachlike sand... do you live right by the beach? In that case: ENVY! :-)


You look great! And that top is fab.
I love those maternity capris, did you make those too?


Thanks! I didn't make the capris, they're from H&M in London and they are my absolute favourite maternity pants... I'm so glad it's warm enough to wear them again now. Unlike my maternity jeans they actually stay up.


Looking good, Suzy!


Love it! Am having the same problem with maternity jeans. As soon as I bend in the middle, down they go... Am contemplating making a maternity denim skirt to see me through spring.


I got this denim skirt http://www.eggmaternity.com/shop/range/denim/the-denim-skirt.html when I was pregnant with Ali and have worn it non-stop thru both pregnancies... it's good with tights and boots in winter, and long enough for bare legs in warm weather. It stays up!


You look amazing! Hope you can rest well in these last few weeks of your pregnancy.


Thank you! And no, as much as I would love to live right on the beach we don't... we were going for a walk near the harbour and it seemed like a good chance to take some photos :)


I don't see why sewing for babies still in your belly shouldn't count. The top is gorgeous!

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