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Audiobooks! If you listen to your books you can knit at the same time. And I too loved Just Kids.

little betty

I only read university readings and pattern instructions :) Sounds like you had a fab trip!


No reading recommendations here.... plenty of self-help style books next to the bed at the moment though.
Just wanted to say, I would love to have been in your shoes lately. I would love to take a shibori class (haven't attempted it since high school). And it looks like a Melbourne road trip will be our next family holiday, although not til the end of the year. I can't wait!


Exploring new places is always so much fun...it's the unexpected finds that make it such a treat.

'My Heart Wanders' by Pia Jane Bijkerk - a beautifully inspiring book about following your heart. I was lucky enough to attend her Brisbane Book Launch and it was magical.

Ingrid x

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