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Gorgeous! Great pattern. Not too girly but definitely girl. I need to make some tops of this ilk before my mother drives me mental with all the comments about me not dressing A like a girl!


Thanks, Di! I was going for "feminine but not frou-frou" and I think this is pretty good. Although no doubt she will still get mistaken for a boy. It seems that any child not dressed in pink and purple sparkles (and preferably a Disney princess or unicorn thrown in) is a boy in the eyes of the general public.


Just gorgeous!

I get so clucky when I see cute babes in lovely handmade clothes...

..although not enough to go back for number 3.



Gorgeous, I agree with Di - feminine, but not girly. Thanks for the link to the pattern.


I love that fabric too - she look adorable.


Beautiful - both Milla and the top! And well done to her on the walking front too! Clever girl! Fredrik took 2 steps on his birthday but think real walking is still a little way off. Thank you too for Freddie's beautiful card! (And Ali's super neat handwriting!) x


I love the dress. Fantastic fabric!


It's absolutely beautiful. I have 2 metres of this fabric at home that I'm still deliberating over what to make with it.


Gorgeous. I love the fabric you used. And the ruffled sleeves are very sweet.


love it! i bookmarked the pattern for the day when i have time to sew again...hopefully soon! and shortening a dress for a crawler is such a good idea. my now-two-year-old always sported the dress tied in a knot on her back look.

Anna @ Morsels & Musings

this is absolutely gorgeous! love it!
i want one for me :)


The top is absolutely gorgeous, as is Milla in it. Don't worry about the being mistaken for boy stage, both my girls had it (in Singapore, people would say "looks like boy,la"). No problems any more!


Thank you! I really wish I'd bought more of the fabric, but I'll look forward to seeing what you make from yours.


Oh, I never thought of the knot. That's a good idea. Usually if Milla's in a too-long dress it ends up tucked in to her tights, which isn't such a great look!


i just came back for the 3rd time to swoon over this adorable top. the fabric is gorgeous, such a perfect choice. thanks for linking the pattern, i just bought it!


Doubly glad I stumbled across this blog now, I recognise this top because I've admired it somewhere before. Probably on Pinterest. Its just divine!

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