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Wonderful work Suzy! So satisfying to achieve so much over a weekend isn't it. Hope you're able to come to another one when I'm there too!


Love them all! My clothkits dresses are the most worn things I have made.


I love the little blue dress! I've been eyeing Clothkit dresses lately as well.


So great to meet you Suzy!

Anne Marie

Lovely blur dress on a super cute girl.


Hello! Just found you via flickr. Love your taste in fabric for both the tova top and the tulip skirt. Is the Tulip skirt flattering on? I've got the pattern but haven't got started.


Hi Sophie,
Thanks for the comments! I think the Tulip skirt is surprisingly flattering on, even though it has all the pleats it's high waisted and fitted at the waist so it looks quite neat. I made one in denim a couple of years ago (on the blog, here http://floatingworld.typepad.com/floating_world_views/2009/05/finished-skirt.html) and have worn it lots, so was keen to make another one.
There are quite a few errors in the pattern in Stitch magazine though, so if you end up making it check out Jenny Gordy's blog post here.
Suzy x

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