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Cannot cope with this level of cuteness x


Its perfect Suzy, I love the attention to detail and it looks so sweet on!
It can be a bit dangerous showing them how clever you are though, before you know it he'll be planning the next one ;-)


That costume is awesome! You are so clever.


Oh Wow Suzy, I will have to show my little chickens this! They are the hugest Octonauts fans and I have to admit so am I. : )
Coolest Capt. B ever!


Thanks, Alisa! It's been very popular, and getting lots of wear, so I'm very glad I got it finished while he still loves Captain Barnacles.


Are you interested in sewing one for me to buy for my son? How much would you charge?


Hi Brittany,
Thanks for the comment, unfortunately I don't do commercial sewing, but the costume was very simple so I'm sure a dressmaker could replicate it.
All the best,


That's awesome. I am planning on making my 2 year old daughter an Octonauts costume for Halloween. Captain Barnacles would be the best because he has a top and bottom, plus he's her fave. But maybe I could make a Dashi costume for her.

Thanks for sharing, I was looking for Octonauts costume ideas and it's great to see that they can be done!

Katharine in Brussels

Hi, I like your blog! My children, and I think my husband too, like the Octonauts. What a great costume your son is wearing.


The Octonautes is a series which my kids truly love. They told me to make costumes which are Octonautes inspired but I refuse to make one because I don’t know the characters very well. Maybe if I order online my kids will be blissful.

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