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cute! love the prints.


I LOVE the amsterdam print! I have been looking around for something like that, it's gorgeous :) The dress is also very cute, love how it does up at the back with that big button!


So cute! Milla's hair is like my Colette's hair, I notice. I am always temped to cut her bangs but am trying to resist. Constant barrette battles over here. Anyway, that is a super sweet dress. Nice job!


Ah yes, the hair! It drives me crazy. It's so silky and hangs in her eyes, and she pulls out hair clips as fast as I can put them in. Those teeny little rubbery hair elastics seem to work better. I've been so close to getting it trimmed into a tidy little French-girl bob with a fringe (bangs) but then that seems very final and I'm reluctant to chop off the baby hair just yet, so I think we'll muddle through with clips and elastics until the shortest layers have grown out a little bit more.
Thanks for the comment on the dress.


I just found your blog and I am so inspired. This dress kills me. Two minutes after seeing it I ordered a yard of the house fabric. it is not even 8 am here and I already ordered fabric. Maybe I shouldn't read more of your blog until tomorrow in case you inspire me to do more shopping. :)


Hi Christine, 
Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you like the dress & the house fabric! I'm always happy to enable some fabric purchasing ;)


I love the dresses you've made for Milla - they are gorgeous and the cot is delight - love it with the homemade cot sheet and quilt too.

Totally agree with the "gender toys" it annoys me no end, although my girls are girly girly and love horses - their favourite toy is Lego yeah

love the blog Suzy


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