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Cass Ward

Not sure if you have tried already and I'm not sure what they are like but try King Furniture for rugs. I have a friend who always buys hers there and often on sale


I had exactly the same rug problem! I ended up getting a piece of carpet edged. It was way cheaper and there was lots of beautiful plush wool carpets to choose from. I got an overstock piece of carpet that was 100% wool and the right colour and size (3.3m x3m) for the grand total of $200!! Checkout your local carpet store.


I concur with what Sama suggested. I had the same problem and went with a gorgeous over-locked 100% wool piece of carpet. I'm really happy with it.


Thanks, Sama and Anna! I hadn't thought of getting carpet edged. I want something that will be soft and comfortable for the children to sit on to do Lego or watch a movie (which rules out kilims, even though they are beautiful) and that isn't too expensive because it will have a lot of wear and tear - it's just not the right time for a "precious" rug - so carpet is a great idea.


I am so with you on the rug front. I had a great one from Freedom years ago, wool and not expensive and good size and colour, but now I need a new one and I've searched and can't find a thing (except on the Loom site!). I think the carpet idea is great. Might ask around.


I found a huge wool carpet for our rumpus room on Ebay - it was from a persian rug importer called persianrugmerchants. Anyhow they have a showroom in Rozelle - just message them and you can go and have a look. It is probably cheaper to just bid on one of their auctions - when you go to the showroom they do the full on sales experience.


That's a good tip too, thanks! I avoid those kind of always-closing-down carpet shops because I don't like the sales spiel, but doing it via Ebay would be much easier.


Hi Cass,
Thanks for the comment, I think I have finally tracked down a rug and it was via King Furniture! I found a website for a company called Bayliss, they won't sell directly but one of their retailers is King, so I found some rugs I liked on the Bayliss website and then King Furniture ordered samples and ordered it for me. Yay! The children will be very happy to have something softer than floorboards to sit on when they're playing Lego etc.
Suzy x


Another suggestion for rugs is Decorugs. I found a tasteful pure wool rug in Decorug in the Auburn Homemaker centre of all places that wasn't too expensive. Of course the kids have now destroyed it and I should have known better than to buy a pale rug, but they may be worth a look too?

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