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She's gorgeous! Merry Christmas to you!


She is lovely! Well done. It reminds me of some unfinished doll clothes I started last year... and really they wouldn't take me that to make if I just got started!


Oh she is a very cute doll, hair looks great - I bet she will be very popular.


She is wonderful and so is the cardigan. I really want to try to make a doll in 2012.


Thank you! I am so glad to have got her finished at last. Now I keep thinking about more clothes to make her.


Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too :)

Nicole Keller

Its gorgeous,good on you for finishing it!
xx Nicole


Thank you! Good luck with the doll clothes, I bet they'll be lovely when they're done.


Thank you! I do hope she's popular, it would be a bit of an anticlimax if she wasn't after she's taken so long to make :) But my daughter is really enjoying playing with dolls at the moment, so hopefully this one will be loved.


She looks gorgeous, and reminds me of a much loved Lamaze (commercial) doll that was my younger daughter's absolute favourite. Washability is a big plus!


she is beautiful! my doll is sitting here needing hair but yours looks gorgeous! that is my christmas goal to finish the hair!

well done

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