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Love the Simplicity one, I must get that pattern, keep seeing great skirts made from it.


I think that most of us wear uniforms of one type or another. I love the denim skirts!


It's a great pattern - doesn't use too much fabric and has pockets. I'm going to make another one for winter.


Thank you! I used to be less predictable with my clothes, but since having children I have less time to think about clothes + spend most of my days doing the same thing, so it makes sense to wear basically the same thing every day.


I love this post and I love having an in-depth look into someone else's wardrobe/routine. Since losing a large amount of weight and acquiring some new clothes my wardrobe style has changed to being a bit more current and less frumpy-plus size. (I love that BTW). I used to always wear black/dark bottoms in a stretch fabric because they fit (read here - trackies) and a black or coloured top. I suppose when it comes to colour I can be predictable - red, purple, navy, black, black, black, maybe some grey or white thrown in occasionally. I'm trying really hard to steer away from the black bottoms/coloured top combo but you wouldn't believe what I'm wearing today!! :-) dxx


Now I did see you today. I'm sure you didn't look frumpy at all!

And Suzy love your uniform :)


Thanks for the comment, I always like reading about how other people organise / coordinate their wardrobes too. It must be nice to be forced to update your wardrobe by losing lots of weight, it's always great to have an excuse to buy new clothes and that is such a positive one!
I used to wear the black pants / coloured top combination a lot too, pre-kids I always had a couple of pairs of black pants in my wardrobe for work and casual, but I realised when I was reading your comment that I haven't had any for ages... I think I stopped wearing them because we got a cat and they show fur too much! It makes me think I should get a pair, especially since I don't have any jeans at the moment - they'd be a good alternative for the colder weather.
Suzy x


Thank you! And so nice to see you at the market the other week :)


this is soo awesome! well done!


I like the look of the simplicity skirt - must remember that one.

I like a knee length skirt - black/navy/tan, with a plain or stripy top, or more recently, a tova top (or similar). With a cardi. Boring. But easy.

Pink Ronnie

I so miss wearing denim skirts. I think I have one left in my wardrobe that fits me when I'm not pregnant. Will be nice to don it again soon! Love the look of yours - you have such talent!
Ronnie xo

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