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I'm reading Gone Girl now :-)
I would suggest Game of Thrones though it may not be your thing. Its quite full on sex and violence, and seems fairly misogynist at first, but its very (very) gripping once you're into it and beautifully realised.
As for reading I have also got the new Anne Tyler, love her. Have you read any of the scandi detective novels, someone put me on to an Icelandic series last year, you just have to bleep over the names they are so unpronounceable and there is a lot of snow!


Enjoyed Gone Girl and The Snow Child. I am reading Flight Behaviour at the moment, reading it slowly so a can savour it. I can't wait to start the Night Circus, it looks good and I have the new Caitlin Moran on my bedside table too.


Ha! I am reading the nigjt circus too and know what you mean.

Gone girl is fantastic and as soon as I get a uni break, i will as the other Suzie mentions...tackle game of thrones x


I'll be interested to hear what you think about the new Caitlin Moran - I really enjoyed How to be a Woman. I'd like to read Flight Behaviour too, the only other Barbara Kingsolver book I've read was The Lacuna, but I loved that.
Suzy x


Let's catch up for a coffee and Night Circus discussion soon - I am really enjoying it. You were the one who put me on to Gone Girl - I'm hoping I'll be able to start it this weekend.
I wasn't keen on the idea of Game of Thrones but enough people have recommended it now, I'm going to have to check it out.


I am going to have to check Game of Thrones out!
I haven't read any Scandi detective books, although I've been enjoying the Wallander adaptations (both the English and Danish ones) on SBS and ABC. A few people have recommended those Jo Nesbo / Harry Hole books, so I'm keen to have a look at them too.
I love Anne Tyler, haven't read the new one but I always enjoy her books.
Suzy x


I just finished The Killing and it's sooo good. I hear Game of Thrones is good, I guess I should give it another try as well.


I have no reading recommendations, sadly. Must rectify that and make some time to read. However, I am in compete and utter disbelief that your little girl is in a BIG bed and no longer in nappies. I'm sorry, but that simply cannot be possible!


I know, it's completely ridiculous. Watch out, yours will be next! xx


Have you started Gone Girl yet? I really really loved it and as for tv shows I'm loving Revenge and Once Upon A Time at the moment whilst eagerly awaiting season 3 of Homeland to start here
Enjoy your books


Hi Karen,
I read Gone Girl last week, and loved it! Once I started I couldn't put it down. I haven't seen series 2 of Homeland yet, we watched series 1 on DVD after Christmas and it was great.

Hope you and the family are all well and a belated happy 40th birthday!
Suzy x

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