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Kirsty Bunfield

I struggle with slow sewing. I want to be a slow sewer but then I start to race as I get closer to finishing. I'm working on it, but now after seeing your Cambie I'm really inspired. Your cambie looks amazing. The fit looks perfect and that fabric!! Anything Gorman-esque is definitely a good thing!

Blogless Anna

Thanks for the slow sewing reminder. It is oh so true. And it's a lovely Cambie. I can see why you want to make another.


Fantastic Cambie! Nice reminder about slow sewing, I need to not only remember this, but really think about what I wear and what I need to make for my wardrobe.


Stunning dress, and so, so lovely on you! I have a cambie in the envelope crying to get out too. Nice to know it's worth going slow for. I need to be reminded of that!


I love this dress. Slow sewing isn't something I've mastered hence there's always something a little sloppy or misfitting about my end result.....


Thank you! It's a great pattern, I'll look forward to seeing your version - maybe a good craft camp project?
Suzy x


Thanks! I need to think more about what I need for my wardrobe too, it's way too tempting to make dresses in pretty prints but what I really need is basic skirts and tops that I can wear for the school run and that kind of thing.

Suzy x


I too realised earlier this year that slow sewing is best. I had a wardrobe full of handmade clothes which either didn't go together or no longer fit.
I've been working on making things that I need and coordinating my makes to what I have in my wardrobe.
Your cambi dress looks fantastic, very well made and a great fit! Oh and pockets are always a winner in a dress.


I really like this post. It makes so much sense, but it's funny how we get caught up in getting things over with, I think when you have babies, you have small windows of time and it can be hard to think of the big picture. Love the dress too!


The fit I perfect. Looks great. By the way, I think we shopped for our coat/hat hooks at the same place!


I noticed the hanging racks in your photos too. Ours are from a place called Betty Mim in Newcastle - they are excellent.


What a great dress - it suits you perfectly! I wish I could make clothes - I'm loving your skirts at the moment!


LOVE the fabric!

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