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I'm keen on ignoring the jog. I've not been happy with any methods that I've tried. Love the tunic. She'd need to be wearing it today!


Just beautiful! And when did that little girl of yours become so big!


Thank you! And yes, she is not very little at all any more! Not 3 yet and wearing size 4 clothes.



Thank you - it's good for this cold snap!

And I'm kind of glad to hear you have found the supposed-ly jogless techniques unsatisfactory too... I keep reading things online that promise to give perfect smooth stripes, with photos of perfect smooth stripes, and then when I try it they end up as wonky as ever. Bah.
Suzy x


She is so grown up and looking like her mum! Cute top, I could use one myself in this freeze :-)


It is so beautiful. I knit year round but it is difficult to think too much about knitting today since it is in the 90's here (Maine, USA).


Thank you! It is strange to think about being so hot in other places while it is knitting weather here. We are having a cold snap here (for Sydney), but really it is only about 15C / 60F, which I'm sure doesn't sound very cold compared to a Maine winter.
I hope you enjoy your summer,

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