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Sounds like your holidays have been blissful so far!

You can make great toilet roll people by standing them upright and drawing a circle for a head - the kids can draw on the face. Then 'dress' them with paper, or fabric and shove yarn in the top for hair. Too much fun.

Then you can go bowling.... or perhaps that's just my own perversion.


I really like your scheduling. It's a good way to get the most out of the holidays. Without it, for me, there is a temptation to just 'hang' which translates to them playing lego and me sewing!I was hoping to take the boys to see Horrible Histories, but I think it finishes this week and we are in Sydney only the end of next week (our school holidays are a week behind). I'm a big fan of making owls out of toilet rolls with googly eyes.


Ah - owls are a great idea. I think I saw something like that on Pinterest. We have a couple of quiet-ish days before school goes back and I want to make a dent in the "making" box.

The scheduling has worked well this time - I was a bit resistant because I'd honestly rather just hang out at home (and sew) but for now having a plan seems to keep us all happy and sane(r).

I hope you have a great time in Sydney, and this nice weather sticks around!


Ha, that is a great idea - the girl child would love dressing the dolls and putting woolly hair on, and the boy child would be totally up for bowling :)

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