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Brilliant costume! Love that alien head with matching laces :) Luckily for me O wanted to go as batman this year so I was off the hook, but I'll have both my boys at school next year, so two book week costumes to worry about.


Ha, yes the matching laces were a lucky fluke! There were lots of little boys dressed as superheros at our parade too... and pirates. And lots of the little girls were Pippi Longstocking. I was taking notes for future costume ideas.


wow, this is so creative! you rocked the alien costume!


Aw, thank you. We had lots of fun making it together.



Love it! The perfect alien....

I have to make a Lorax costume and am totally stuck on how to re-create the furry orange moustache...


A Lorax costume sounds fantastic, but I know what you mean about the moustache! Can you find any yellowy fake fur, and put it on an elastic to wear like a mask? (That stuff is awful to sew though... even worse than polar fleece). Good luck!


This is superb! I love the casual way you say "ricotta strainer and ping pong balls" as if everyone could be so clever! Hilarious and perfectly executed.

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