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Its lovely,
As you are so tall, I am sure it hangs beautifully and shows off your neat figure.

I get a bit nervous when I wear my Lisette Portfolio tunics that I look pregnant, that I should 'belt them in' but my Twins assure me they show off my curves to advantage.

And they would tell me.

That said, a belt suits it very well.


Aren't you brave. Looks lovely (I bet without the belt as well). I've (and by that I mean my Mum) just finished a viyella tunic dress. I am going to wear it one day this week, even if I die of heat exhaustion.


I really must get some lantana it looks so beautiful. Your dress looks great, I do hope you get a few cold days to wear it!


I made a tova dress in denim and added fisheye darts in the back and it works really well. It's still loose fitting but gives it just enough shape. You could alternatively add some shirred lines or an elastic panel to the back?



Thank you! Hopefully you didn't pick today for the Viyella - so hot.

Suzy x


I think the portfolio tunics look great on you! And how useful to have honest fashion opinions from the twins - my two are still too young to be trusted, and have a strong preference for seeing me in "pretty dresses". When Milla saw me cutting out the Lantana she disapproved strongly and said she wanted me to make a "pretty flower dress" instead!



Thank you! The Lantana is definitely worth it, it's a great weight and the wool content makes it crease less than the Tana Lawn.
It was almost 30 today, but hopefully will cool down a little bit before summer hits properly.


Hi Ursula,
I'm glad to hear the darts worked on your Tova dress - I'm happy for it to be loose-fitting, but don't want it to be bunching up.
DId you add them while you were making the dress or after it was finished?

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