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The top is really nice! Good inspiration for me as I looked yesterday and have one t-shirt for spring/summer. Doesn't bode well with this early hot weather!


I like it and it's nice to conquer knits successfully. Look out, you won't be able to stop now!


The top is lovely - great fabric (hmmm, didn't see this last Spotlight trip ;-) )
We are loving the snails too!


Great photos! and that top looks lovely. I must check it out although I have mixed results with knits as well.

mrs robinson

Lovely tee... maybe this will be the year I finally persuade myself to attempt sewing with knits. Or maybe we should make that next year as it's October...


Thank you! I never know what happens to my t-shirt, it seems that at the start of every summer I only have 1 or 2, the rest have disappeared or lost their stretch / shape / colour over winter.

And you're right, with this early summer weather it's a good time for making t-shirts and summer tops.


Thank you! Sewing knits does make me wish for a coverstitch machine like yours, but I'll make do with the twin needle for now :)



Gorgeous photos, and I really like the fabric you used! I love this pattern.

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