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Zucchini fritters! Something like this: http://www.jamieoliver.com/magazine/recipes-view.php?title=courgette-aamp-feta-fritters


I like your little fat zucchinis, so cute. Well I came here to say fritters too, like Sara! They are not too zuchinni-ish and you could always leaven the taste with some grated potato as well. We just grate them add flour and egg and they are quick and light.


I LOVE zucchini. Wish the rest of my family did. I also totally agree, everything is better with bacon, but I'd also say it is better with garlic. It does work well in place of eggplant in many dishes I think. I also like to cut big random shaped chunks drizzle with oil & char grill (on a ribbed pan) & toss in a mixed green salad. In fact I'm doing this tonight, with asparagas too, although I know I'll be doing most of the eating ;)


layer thicker slices of zucchini with some thinner sliced potatoes, onions and tomatoes, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with herbs and bake it all a bit like a gratin. You can even chuck sausages on top (if you're not vego)and make an all in one meal.


The Stephanie Alexander zucchini pickles are great! I don't grow them anymore as everyone in town with too many zucchinis leaves them in a box outside the Post office, I go grab them when I want one!


Oooh, that's a good tip - I have the SA book. Having an "unwanted zucchini" box is such a good idea!

Suzy x


You're right about the garlic - maybe that is why chorizo is so delicious, it's like a perfect hybrid of bacon & garlic!

I was traumatised by eating chunks of boiled (!) zucchini as a child, so I find it hard to eat big lumps of it, even though I know that chargrilled with oil would be a million times better.

Suzy x


The little globe zucchinis are cute, and and the flesh seems a bit less wet than usual ones too, which is handy for cooking. I will definitely give fritters a try, thanks. If I describe them as "zucchini pikelets" I might even get the kids to eat them :)
Suzy x


Yum, that sounds really good - and I especially like the idea of sausages on top.



Fritters are a great idea!


Do you have the smitten kitchen book?
This one is delicious, though time consuming if you want it to look as pretty - not so much if you are happy with just fanning the veg in rows. Also, her blog has a search on zucchini recipes

And I second the SA pickles - they are great!


Hi there,
I don't have the Smitten Kitchen book, but have been thinking about ordering it - do you like it?

That ratatouille looks great, and I will check out the rest of her zucchini recipes... I've only cooked a couple of things from her blog, but they both turned out delicious.

Suzy x


skinnytaste.com has lots of good recipes for zucchini with a lot of them having the zucchini replace carbs in traditional meals. For example, my family loves the enchiladas in "zucchini boats."

mrs robinson

Courgettes are generously easy to grow... and they happily make you look like a rather attentive gardener! I love courgette so am not the best for least-courgette-like recipes - though definitely Jamie's fitters...


I love zuchini chocolate cake and also barbecued zuchini.

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