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This is just gorgeous!! Last year I introduced the family activity idea as well - although I had to put a choc treat in every few days because the kids were used to it. I was worried that they would hate it as before that we had Lego advent calendars which were a big hit but they actually liked it. We had similar ideas although I also added in a special treat night where each boy could choose what they wanted to do or a restaurant to eat.


Totally stealing this idea. I was just going to do pockets with the numbers (also a Purl Bee idea), but this is so much more festive....the boys can live without an advent calendar for another year.

Lightning McStitch

I'd like one of these for every month of the year! What fun!!


Thank you! I hope the children enjoy it. I need to think of a few more quick & easy activities to do on school days.


mrs robinson

So gorgeous... what a beautiful start to each December day! We've been making some hama bead Christmas decorations this eve. Getting ready!

Jamie Cooper

I have begun piecing together the trees, however, I was wondering how you made the pockets and how they are attached?


Hi Jamie,
I made the pockets by sewing a strip of fabric between the rows of trees that was 3 times as deep as I wanted the pockets to be. I then folded it like a Z to make the pocket (with one thickness of fabric at the back, a fold to make the bottom of the pocket, and a double thickness with a fold at the top to make the front of the pocket). I then stitched straight lines through the three layers of fabric to secure the folds and divide the separate pockets.
I hope that makes sense, good luck.


PS I added a seam allowance at the top and bottom of the strip of fabric too, in addition to the 3 x depth of pockets.

Jamie Cooper

Thank you for your help! I'm chugging away towards completion!

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