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They look great. Especially the Mandy tee which I think I will need to invest in! That house looks lovely and gee it sounds like a perfect weekend. What sort of advent calendar are you planning to make. I have a Kirsten Doran one which we've had for a few years, but I'm thinking of making one with bigger pockets.


Thanks! The Mandy tee is great, although I think next time I will take an inch or two out of the width of the body & add it to the length of the arms, to make it a tiny bit less bulky.

For the advent calendar I'm planning to improvise something... I've made some little tree blocks based on the Purl Bee Little Forest quilt tutorial, and bought some screen printed numbers from Maze & Vale. I need to have biggish pockets too, because there will be loot for two children in each one.

Suzy x

Lightning McStitch

oooh. discounted black wool remnant. What a score. the top looks great.


I made the Mandy tee a couple of months ago and I reach for it regularly on a cool day. I am keen to try the scout tee.


Those all look great on you!

mrs robinson

Three tops in a single weekend? That is some impressive sewing! And lovely too!


Thank you! We did almost nothing but sew, which is why it was so productive :)


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