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Your swap was gorgeous and I just adore that heart garland.

Lightning McStitch

Oh no! I'm not scary! :) (laughing)
It's funny how we all got a bit nervous about what we were making and how it would be received. I guess we don't blog about breaking wind, bad hair days, yelling at our kids, ruining the laundry etc etc.
I adore the fabrics you used for the pouch and the pin cushion has been put straight to use, although my kids just love playing with it and rearranging the pins that came with it. It's genius how the button at the base and the stem ties it altogether so there's no obvious spot where it was stuffed and sewn closed.

(to add to my perusal of your reading list I quite enjoyed The Marriage Plot and I can recite Iggy Peck Architect by heart!)


Ha - I should have also written that I was pleased to draw you since I read your blog, and it's nice to make something for someone you follow already :)

Isn't Iggy Peck great? Rosie Revere Engineer looks lovely too, it's on my (never ending) wishlist of childrens books. I enjoyed the Marriage Plot too, I'm about to start on The Luminaries now - have you read that one?


mrs robinson

What a lucky duck Shelley is... lovely makes!

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