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Ooh exciting, that's such a lovely pattern. And I can't understand how you've survived without my favourite - the 1/4 inch foot for so long!
p.s. have you moved to your own domain? would love to learn more...


So, you think the 1/4" foot is worth getting? I haven't really done any precision quilting, so haven't needed one til now, but I think this pattern gets tricky unless you're careful with cutting and seam allowances.

I haven't moved to my own domain - I've had www.floatingworldviews.com for years (literally - ten!) and have it pointed at my typepad blog, but the registrar I was using had the most impossible to navigate web interface, so I've swapped to another one. I am thinking about swapping over to wordpress or similar though.

Suzy x

mrs robinson

Gosh, even the pile looks pretty! A beautiful sounding quilt...

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