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This dress looks lovely on and the adjustments were just right. I've had this pattern for a while but I'm only 5'2" at a stretch so the adjustments just seem too much for me.


Hi Kirsty,

Thanks! I think you're right, it would be tricky to adjust for a smaller person - if you lopped much more off the bottom the pockets would be too low, and it would be fiddly to raise the waist seam. It's a shame, because it's a really nice one to wear.

Suzy x


It looks great, the darts were an excellent idea as it looks like it fits well, but is comfy. Love it in the chambray.


Suzy! This looks so wonderful on you!!

Great dress, love it x


The fit is so much better with the darts, looks great! The Tova is on my radar, so I'll definitely be darting the back, last thing I need is voluminous.


This looks great and the fit is spot on! I really like that you were able to find a linen alternative to this pattern


It's so much better, isn't it? Having seen the original voluminous version you'd be able to tell the difference :)
Suzy x


Thanks! The chambray is really comfortable, and so much less expensive than the linen, so good for a trial run.
Suzy x


Thank you! Just in time for the cold weather, but at least it will be ready for spring.



Thanks! I'll definitely be using the darts again, I don't know if I'm swaybacked or what the proper term is, but I often get fabric pooling at the back so this seems like a good way to sort it out.



I think adding darts is a fabulous idea. A lot of patterns I try tend to swamp my small frame and I don't like belts. Shaping with the darts may be just the trick I need. The finished dress looks lovely on you.....


Very clever modification. Suits you perfectly.

Lightning McStitch

This is so pretty. I Love the shape (with your modifications) and the colour is divine. you look lovely!


I do like what you have done here. Goodness, you have a lovely figure.


Thank you! It's such a great pattern, I'm looking forward to making another.


Thank you! I'm very pear-shaped, so a dress like this that's fitted around the bust and waist and then flares out is good for me :)

Suzy x


Thanks! I'm really pleased with the darts, I'm not as petite as you, but I still find some patterns end up too loose and maternity-ish so I'll be using them again.

Suzy x


wow - simple yet stunning! beautifully made - so professional!

mrs robinson

A lovely dress, just right for a sunny day! The fit is great, good work with those darts...


Just found your lovely blog. So inspirational! I have already ordered this dress pattern, hope I can make it up as good as yours.


I ♡ this dress

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