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Love these Suzy, along with the Sydney landmarks in the background.

Did you enjoy Cheryl Strayed's book? What an amazing journey she had. There was also a Richard Vidler interview with her which you can get on podcast from ABC, from the writers' festival, I think, which I really enjoyed......




Fabulous photo Suzy.

This is a really good review, helpful and informative. Thank you

Jill @Made with Moxie

What an adorable outfit. I totally agree that the Host pants are a brilliant pattern. Thanks! :)


Thanks! I love the Hosh pants with the September tunic, they go so well together. I'll definitely be making both patterns again :)


Thank you!

Yes, I really enjoyed the Cheryl Strayed book. Thanks for letting me know about the podcast, I haven't read any interviews with her so I'll track it down. Apparently there's a film adaptation in the works too, but I'm not sure it would really translate to film... I reckon it could easily become very sentimental, which the book wasn't at all.

Suzy x

rachael {imagine gnats}

super cute, Suzy!! i definitely need to stitch up some september tunics soon. and in voile, how lovely :) XO


Thanks, Rachael!



Thanks, Nicole!


Thank you!


Hi Suzy, nice to meet another Aussie blogger! Your outfit is great! It is perfect for Autums. Hope your daughter will enjoy wearing it :)

mrs robinson

A very stylish autumnal outfit for your little girl... lovely photographs too!


This is cute and I really appreciate the information about the arms. I almost always cut a size down for my girls in width, but if I make this one, I might even size up. I have the pattern printed on my sewing table, but seem to be losing motivation to make it, since our weather is finally getting so warm (hot!) now. I might hold off on this one until our fall.

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