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Lightning McStitch

Our household is Elsa ignorant but I can appreciate what a great job you've done here. And no, carving your own stencil is not overboard it's a great idea and a real skill. Well done!


Oh, this is so sweet - great solution with the top! (Love that I could inspire you.) I couldn't help laughing at the part about the differences you had with M on the sleeve colour and the cape length - I had the very same discussions with Ronja. I love the stamp idea, by the way - I do stamps as well now and then, and I love the quiet concentration that comes with it. We're just multi-creative people, right? ;)



That is so funny that you had the same complaints about the dress. Isn't it amazing how much detail the children notice when watching the movie? M is also cross that her dress is not more off-the-shoulder, but I'm not sure that an off-the-shoulder sparkly dress is approriate for a 3 year old!

Suzy x

Susan Cornish

OH! Suzy, this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I LOVE the snow flake print detail. But/and I fully understand your value-time dilemma. It is amazing what a Mama will actually craft for a grateful Princess.

mrs robinson

Finally getting round to catching up here... while watching the joys of Eurovision. Oh my! Isn't it funny how our sewing requests change? I really didn't plan to sew Batman t-shirts or knit R2-D2 beanies, but them being handmade makes it all so much better. And your Mummy-made Princess dress is sweet!

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