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I love travelling with children more than without them. Agree that a 3 and 6 yr old are good fun. We are travelling at the end of the year with what will be an 8 and 6 (gosh that sounds old) and I think it will be such a fun age.


We haven't travelled since issie was six months old. I think it would be quite a challenge getting over to the uk to visit my hubby's family with a 5, 4 and 2 year old (the latter being the main issue!!) maybe next year:))

mrs robinson

I do look forward to seeing your travels... and of course your makes since back home!


8 and 6 will be brilliant for travelling. I think there is a kind of golden window between when you don't need the stroller or nappies anymore for the youngest and they are old enough to watch movies on planes, and before the oldest becomes tween-ish and moody and doesn't want to be away from their friends. Are you off to France?

Suzy x


Travelling long haul with three would be a handful but lots of fun! I do think three year olds are so much easier than two year olds on a long flight though - the tipping point is when they can watch a feature length movie.

We did long flights with my oldest when he was two (which was tiring - he was too excited to sleep, and we had to pack mountains of small toys to distract him), two and a half (much easier - he watched Toy Story on repeat and could quote huge chunks of it by the time we got to London, which was slightly disturbing but made for a better flight) and three and a half, which was great - he knew what was going on, was excited about it all but not too excited to sleep, and was happy to watch movies and do stickers and colouring in on the plane. Good luck next year if you attempt it :)


Thank you! I'm struggling to get back in to the routine of blogging, but want to write it down before I forget :)


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