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Wow Finland looks wonderful and interesting. I would definitely love to check out Scandinavia one day, goodness when mind you. And this is only your first stop you lucky people :)


Great post Suzy. We also did a Helsinki side trip due to flying Finnair en route to Europe a few years ago. I also loved Suommelina Island (yes, it is like Cockatoo!) and have fond memories of the wonderful harbourside markets.....


What a great adventure! I love your attitude about traveling with kids, too. It's very inspiring. Maybe you need to share your secrets with us. :)

Another Sewing Blog

What a great idea to buy a picture book set in each country you are visiting! I would like to think my travelling days are not over now that I have a little one, so I'm glad you are setting a good example for me :)

Suomelinna was a miss more than a hit for me, somehow I only managed to read the good reviews beforehand and missed the meh ones?!


It all looks beautiful.

mrs robinson

Helsinki looks a fun place to explore with little ones! Love the idea children selecting a book from every country visited... I think we may have done this but in an unintentional manner! Barbapapa was purchased in France and Miffy and frog and duck books from travels to the Netherlands to visit my sister.

Looks like you had a fun time!

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