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These are super cute , I have just made my daughter a Lycra skating outfit and was surprised how quick it was to make, I did the elastic the same way as you did, I am definitely going to try swimwear next.


Oh that is a great swimsuit! Lovely fabric find!

Lightning McStitch

Very sweet. I agree about finding good fitting, tasteful swimwear. I'll be making some for summer for sure. (don't tell me you're swimming now?!)


Thanks! I was pleased with the fabric - that was what made me decide to make a costume, I'd already seen the pattern and had some lining left from another project so when I found this I thought I'd get on with it.
Suzy x


Hi LIsa,
I was pleasantly surprised by how easy these were to sew - the lycra isn't really much more difficult than a regular knit, is it? The skating outfit sounds great, and if you've made that already then swimwear will be easy.


Thanks! The children do swimming lessons year round, so this has had a work out already :) It's probably better suited for the beach though.



Super cute! Lovely fabric and I just adore that style.


Cute swimsuit and great picture. You've made an intimidating project look easy!

mrs robinson

Adorable! Lovely fabric, too...

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