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Anna Prasad

What gorgeous dresses. Any girl would be delighted to wear them. Visiting from London, I have been a longtime reader first time commenter. :-)


Hi Anna,
Thanks very much for the comment! My little girl is a bit unpredictable with the clothes she likes and dislikes, but she's happily worn both the dresses so we're both pleased.

All the best,


My daughter likes the dress over leggings and a merino top for winter too. last winter I made her 3 versions of the oliver and s ice cream dress http://oliverands.com/oliver-and-s-patterns/OLV-OS016IC.html. These still fit and are in constant rotation and also make up easily in a fine needle cord. Love your fabric combinations and am especially smitten by the kitty dreams fabric.


Thank you! The kitty fabric is gorgeous isn't it?

The Ice Cream dress is a great idea for layering, I made it up in light cotton for summer a couple of years ago, but hadn't thought of making it in winter-weight fabrics.



Such pretty pinnies! Love the Lizzy House one - the bodice fabric is particularly lovely.
Lucy's favourite outfits are leggings and long sleeved tops - so wish she'd pair them with a pinny or a skirt!

mrs robinson

So pretty! I feel like I should be sewing with summery, floaty type materials but it can take me so long to actually complete a make maybe I should use the cord. In fact if I started seasonally inappropriate makes they probably would be finished at the right time. Hmmm....

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