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I think this is absolutely adorable! and I think I have the table to match, which I blogged a few years ago. I picked mine up from the side of the road too :)

Lightning McStitch

Lovely Suzy! What a cute little chair. It looks perfect.

mrs robinson

Dreamy little chair! I somehow collected a few when P was a baby which have either been repainted or had cushions made for them, but never this sweet look. P loved using them and still does try even though he is really too big. I can't bring myself to consign them to the attic though so they are still dotted around...


Thank you! I do love little chairs, and they make good side tables dotted around too (that's what I'm telling myself - I don't think I could bear to get rid of this when it's outgrown either).



Thank you! Very satisfying to get it finished properly at last.

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