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10 years is a great run! I am glad you are still blogging and I enjoy the cooking, reading and crafting!


Happy 10th Birthday :) Im totally with you - I stepped back from my blog for a while and realised that I missed being able to look back at what Ive been doing and that even if no one else read it, I wanted to keep it up.

mrs robinson

Gosh, ten years is a long time! A beautiful document of the past ten years... happy birthday-anniversary-celebrations!


Congratulations! What an achievement.


Congratulations Suzy. I always love your posts, the things you make and your thoughts on TV, books & life in general.... I think you should consider yourself an Aussie blog pioneer with that amount of blogging time under your belt!


Thanks, Kate! I always love reading your blog too.


Thanks! It's nice having a record of things, isn't it? Even things that I don't think much of at the time are nice to look back on, as a reminder of day to day life, especially when the small people grow up so fast.

Suzy x


Oh, thank you! I can't believe how fast the ten years have gone.


Thank you!


Thanks, Marina! I always love reading your blog too. x


10 years is an amazing run! Unbelievable! You were cutting edge! :) I primarily want my blog to be a record, too. I understand.


Happy 10 years! I can't believe we've been blogging for so long although my blog is feeling rather unloved recently.


Hard to believe it has been so long!


Yeah, I remember those days 'when we were making it up as we went along'. I liked that and it feels really different now. But the friendships have been fantastic - hard to imagine how many fewer people would be in my life if it wasn't for blogging. Thanks for sharing the ride! x




It sure doesn't feel like ten years! I've enjoyed reading your posts through the years. I hope we get to meet one of these days.. maybe in Sydney!


And don't forget the other people and blogs you inspired! Reading your stories in Japan and your recommendations for other blogs to read is what got me going too.

Totally agree with you re expectations and pressure and the good old days when people just winged it and had fun. Your comments about why you do it (a record for yourself) reminded me why I should get back on the horse and not worry so much.

Happy decade ;)

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