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I am so glad to hear you are feeling better Suzy, I go into hospital to have my Gall Bladder out in 10 days time hearing your positive story makes me a bit less nervous.

I adore your sewing, so elegant.

Good luck with the study.

xx N

mrs robinson

Oh gosh, poor you... an eventful start to the new year! Do hope you are feeling better and can enjoy your enforced resting time. 2014 looked rather productive when you put your makes all together! Happy new year


I'm glad to hear that you feel better. If you come up with productive ways to avoid overthinking, I'll be very glad to read them!


Thank you! I'm feeling much better now.
And it's amazing how much more impressive things look when stuck together in a collage - I really felt I hadn't made much last year.
I hope the start of 2015 is going well for you.
All the best,

Lightning McStitch

There's lots of lovely things there. It was a great year of making. Bummer about the appendix, but glad you're better. Happy 2015


Thank you! Belated happy 2015 to you too! I can't believe we're heading in to the end of January and the school holidays are almost over.

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