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mrs robinson

Oh my... using fabric from the pile for a seasonally appropriate dress! Both things I strive for, and ultimately fail in doing. Lovely!


Looks great! I also have problems with darts sitting too low. I also love my gathered Archer, and far more than the straight version, so good call on the style. I've been hanging to go to the Susanna place museum for a few months. Ever since we stumbled on it when returning from the Pylon museum. I doubt I'll get there before school returns.


looks like lovely fabric and the dress looks great on you. Wish I had thought to go to the button shop at the rocks last time I was down, don't know when I'll get there next!


It's really hard to find nice chambray these days (non-existent in the blah that is Spotters), even though it's the perfect summer fabric. LOVE the dress!


Really love this version Suzy - it is a perfect fit on you, and the fabric is great. Must check out that button shop soon, I think.... :-)


This is just gorgeous on you. Perfect!


So true! I was looking for some in Spotlight this week to make a skirt for M & there was none - only super heavy denim.
Suzy x

Amanda @ Ellieboo

Love this dress, looks fantastic. Perfect for summer.

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