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Lightning McStitch

Wow, what generous sewing. Such little garments look so fiddly and time consuming. You must be getting a kindy gold star for sure!


It was a lot of fun - and in some ways easier than sewing for children, since the dolls didn't complain about things being uncomfortable or the wrong colour. And at pick up today they were all being played with, so that makes it well worthwhile (one lucky doll was even wearing a nappy as a hat...)
Suzy x


I love these Suzy. They make me smile! I've done sewing projects for both our preschool and primary school over the past couple of years and they're always the best and most appreciated.....


Love love love the quilt and dolls clothes.
Was also interested to read your linked article and decluttering too, as my friend and I have been inspired by another article to get rid of 1 item on the 1st of the month, 2 on the 2nd etc etc. Should result in 465 by the end of the month! I might start applying the 'sparks joy' theory too!

mrs robinson

Lucky ducks at pre-school... these are just adorable! Hope I can remember where I saw these delights if I have the need to make some doll's clothes

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